At Palmer, our inspiring and practical curriculum allows children to evaluate past and present Design and Technology, to give them a critical understanding of its impact on daily life and the wider world. Children will apply a repertoire of Design and Technology knowledge, understanding and skills to creatively and imaginatively design and make high quality products, whilst critically evaluating and testing their ideas.

Children will apply key vocabulary to ensure they are able to explain, critique and evaluate their work. Their creations will solve real and relevant problems within a variety of contexts, taking into consideration the needs, wants and values of a wide range of users. 

Children will be given the opportunity to draw on other subject disciplines such as mathematics, science, engineering, computing and art. Through Design and Technology, children will learn how to take risks and become innovative, resourceful and enterprising whilst being introduced to inspiration people who have modelled these attributes. They will be able to perform everyday design tasks and be prepared to successfully participate in an increasingly technological world.

Children will learn how to cook, whilst applying the principles of nutrition and healthy eating. Children will develop an awareness of the skills needed to evaluate, critique and test their ideas in a series of design stages.


Through Design & Technology unit, children will learn the following:

  • Researching using surveys, interviews, educational visits, questionnaires and the Internet to generate innovative ideas.
  • Developing a simple design specification to guide their thinking about the purpose of the product and how it meets the needs and preferences of individuals or groups. Developing ideas for their designs through a variety of visual forms, including using computer-aided design.
  • Presenting, clarifying and discussing ideas that highlight particular features that will appeal to intended users as well as areas that can be improved. Giving consideration to time and financial restraints. 
  • Making use of a wide selection of tools and explaining their choices in relation to the skills and techniques being used.
  • Explaining their selection of a variety of resources such as construction materials and kits, textiles, food ingredients, mechanical and electrical components.
  • Using measuring and cutting and different methods to assemble and join materials and components. Completing products through a range of finishing techniques. 
  • Evaluating the quality of their ideas, design, manufacture and fitness for purpose, against their original design specification and considering the views of others to improve their work.
  • Investigating and analysing a range of existing products.
  • Understanding how events & people have helped shape the world. 

Each unit has a list of key vocabulary, appropriate for the year group which will allow them to explain their ideas and present their designs to others. Each lesson will include a “just checking” starter where previous knowledge and terminology will be reviewed to ensure there is constant review of learning.


Our Design and Technology curriculum is planned to demonstrate skills, knowledge and vocabulary progression to ensure age related attainment at the end of each Key Stage. Upon completion of each unit teachers will assess children against the progression of skills and knowledge document. Each unit’s clear structure allows pupils to demonstrate:

  • Research and designing skills
  • Sharing and discussing their designs with others
  • Making skills using a variety of tools, materials and techniques
  • Evaluation and appreciation of their own and other’s work through gallery events and peer discussion
  • Realise a final outcome using a variety of media and techniques
  • Preparing a variety of meals using different cooking techniques, whilst applying the principles of seasonality and a healthy and varied diet. 

Termly assessment will take place to track children’s progress against age related expectations for Design and Technology.

Useful Documents:

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